About Punt Systeembouw

Working together for better results

It’s important to us that you are truly satisfied with our work. That is why we don’t simply take on your assignment and get to work – we make sure the work is done in the best way possible. We want to make sure you get optimal results. And we’re happy to advise you on materials, safety measures, potential nuisances and sustainability.

That is what working together means to us: finding the best solutions for your project – together. For Punt Systeembouw, this is not a cliche but the fundament on which we built our business.

A professional for almost 40 years

In the past 40 years Punt Systeembouw has proven to be a market leader in commercial building. Our customers trust us to build sustainable, high quality ceilings and walls at quick turnover rates. Our company is specialized in retail and entertainment. We’re happy to work with you on unique, demanding projects as well. Our experienced, enthusiastic team is always ready to start the job.

The finest quality

Punt Systeembouw is recognized for delivering top quality walls and ceilings. We demand the best of our materials and employees, and carefully select our suppliers on reliability and authority. This guarantees you the best results, every time.

Quick turnover

You can trust us to meet your deadlines. We understand how important it is to deliver on time, especially when the deadline is tight. At Punt Systeembouw we always work with a realistic and achievable planning schedule. This ensures an efficient, rapid delivery.

Flexible when required

Each construction project comes with its own risks and demands. Some require extra flexibility during the work process. Our employees are trained to work dust- and soundproof if necessary, and can even work outside of office hours. We can also work in (office) buildings while in operation, and ensure minimum nuisance for your employees.

Sustainable business practices

We build sustainable and environment-friendly whenever possible. Punt Systeembouw satisfies all rules and regulations in this area, as proven by our KOMO- and FSC-certificates. We operate energy efficient, and choose sustainable and durable materials. This guarantees you a building that will stand the test of time.


We like to be upfront about our methods and pricing. That’s why we always work with clear budgets and fixed rates for contractors. That way, you’ll know the full cost of the project in advance. We are also happy to give you our honest, professional advice. That transparency has made us a reliable business partner for 40 years.


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